Governance Bodies

In accordance with the French Ports Reform Act dated 4th July 2008, the governance of the major seaport authorities is based on consultative and decision-making bodies. The Supervisory Board, advised by the recommendations of the Development Board and of the Loire Estuary Scientific Board, notably regarding the economic, social and environmental consequences of port-related activities, decides on the Port’s strategy and controls all budgetary aspects. Executive management is the domain of the Management Board. The role of the Atlantic Region Inter-Port Coordination Board is to harmonize and to promote the development of the Ports of Bordeaux, La Rochelle and Nantes – Saint Nazaire. 


The Supervisory Board

The Nantes – Saint Nazaire Port Authority’s Supervisory Board comprises 18 members divided into 4 colleges: Central Government representatives, representatives of Local and Regional Government, personnel representatives and qualified figures. The Supervisory Board is chaired by Christelle Morançais.

The Management Board

The Management Board is made up of three members: Olivier Trétout, who chairs the Management Board, and two other members, who are appointed by the Supervisory Board on the recommendation of the Chair of the Management Board, namely Pascal Fréneau, Deputy Managing Director responsible for functional resources, and Julien Dujardin, Deputy Managing Director responsible for technical resources.


The Development Board

The Development Board comprises 32 members divided into 4 colleges: Port Community representatives, personnel representatives, local and regional government representatives and qualified figures. It also has 4 permanent observers. At the installation meeting held on 8th November 2019, Philippe Billant, Director of Total’s Donges refinery, was elected Chair of the Development Board, and Pascal Vialard, the Chair of Nantes Ports Maritime Union, was elected Vice-Chair.


The Atlantic Region Inter-Port Coordination Board

The Atlantic Region Inter-Port Coordination Board comprises 17 members, including representatives of the Aquitaine, Poitou-Charentes and Pays de la Loire Regions, representatives of the Metropolitan or Urban District Councils of Bordeaux, La Rochelle and Nantes, together with a representative from each of the Supervisory Boards of the Major Seaport Authorities concerned and from French Network Rail Authority RFF. Its membership also includes the Regional Prefects and the Chairmen of the respective Ports’ Management Boards. The Coordination Board is chaired by Bruno Vergobbi, the qualified figure appointed by the Transport Minister and also the General Manager of the Société du Canal de Provence.

The Loire Estuary Scientific Board

The Loire Estuary Scientific Board is placed under the authority of the Regional Prefect. This Board comprises 16 qualified figures appointed on account of their scientific expertise. It is chaired by Louis-Alexandre Romana, Director of Forecasting and Strategy and Environment Fellow at French Maritime Research Institute IFREMER.