Environmental Commitment

Nantes – Saint Nazaire Port is both an industrial tool for economic growth and a planner and developer. The Port Authority works in partnership with the Region’s other public- and private-sector stakeholders on delivering added economic and environmental value for the Loire Estuary. The Port Authority owns an area covering 2 700 hectares (ha), which includes 1 350 ha of developed port, logistical and industrial zones and 1 055 ha of reserved natural spaces. Located on the Loire Estuary, Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port makes allowance for the environmental challenges affecting this major zone on France’s Atlantic Seaboard. For several years now, the Port Authority has engaged in an approach aimed at controlling the impact of its activities on the environment.

This approach has involved putting in place an environmental management system in line with the ISO 14001 and EcoPorts frames of reference. Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port’s environmental policy is therefore defined around three major orientations:

- meeting the legal and regulatory obligations applying to port-related activities;

- furthering the integration of the environmental dimension in development projects ;

- improving consultation and dialogue with stakeholders.

Strengths, Areas for Improvement and Action Plans

An environmental analysis has served to identify the relevant strengths and areas for improvement. This analysis has been made through an inventory of the activities and practices that may have an influence on the environment, built on the collection of data derived from interviews, internal documents and field surveys. A programme comprising some fifteen actions has been drawn up for the year, focussing on major themes such as the management of natural spaces, industrial ecology, dredging operations, and so on.

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