Update on the Modernization of the Movable Structures

In Saint Nazaire, an extensive programme to upgrade the Port’s movable structures was launched in 2017.

 Following the east lock at the start of 2019, the refurbishment work on the plate of the Louis Joubert sluice dock (involving the replacement of the lifting gear) is reaching completion and is now at the system adjustment phase. The access to the Saint Nazaire industrial and port activity zone via the upstream gate of the Louis Joubert sluice dock will once again be open to road traffic from week 30.

Among the upcoming work projects, it may be noted that a one-month-long intervention is scheduled for September on the south entrance. The upstream leaves of the south lock are going to be replaced.

The dismantling of the Pont du Pertuis bridge will begin in October. This swing bridge dating back to 1910 needs to be replaced. The deck of the future structure will be wider, to allow free passage for vehicles in both directions. The design will retain a single walkway permitting pedestrians to cross. The new structure is expected to be delivered in May 2020.

The interventions will continue on the structures of the south lock: the swing bridge (second half of 2020) then the bascule bridge (2021). Estimated to cost 15 M€, this programme forms part of the regeneration project for the Saint Nazaire industrial and port activity zone. The investments are being co-financed in part by Central Government, the Regional Authority, the Departmental Authority, Saint Nazaire Urban Area District Authority and Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port, within the framework of the 2015-2020 Central Government − Regional Government planning agreement.

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