First On-Site Emergency Exercise

Some twenty different companies took part in a first on-site emergency exercise in the Montoir de Bretagne industrial and port activity zone on 8th November. This system has been put in place by the Montoir Industrial Platform Association (APIM), whose aim is to share a common culture of risk prevention in this zone, which is covered by the technological risk prevention plan.

The Montoir de Bretagne industrial and port activity zone has been designated as an industrial platform within the framework of the technological risk prevention plan (TRPP). In the area around the Elengy and Yara facilities, which are Seveso category sites, the zone has a central role in the issue of how to manage the potential hazards. An organization has been set up for the purpose of controlling the industrial risks involved: Association APIM. The stated aim of the Association, which brings together 26 companies forming a part of the Port Community, is to implement a common culture with a view to easing the constraints imposed by the TRPP.

Several working parties have been formed (emergency management, ensuring the safety of persons, training and awareness, means of protection, safety planning), to ensure that this system is fully operational in September 2017. One of the system’s strong and visible markers is the on-site emergency exercise carried out annually over the entire zone; the purpose of the exercise is to verify the effectiveness of the organization put in place.

A first exercise was held on 8th November, with the participation of all the companies in the zone. This operation served to highlight certain strong points, such as personnel training or vessel traffic management, and also areas for improvement such as the adjustment of the loudness of the alarms to ensure that they can be heard throughout the zone or the harmonization of the audible signals between the different sites.

Contact at Nantes Saint-Nazaire Port – Mathias Guérin

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