Nantes Welcomes the World’s Leading Experts on 3rd and 4th October

On 3rd and 4th October 2016, Nantes will be the venue for a maritime event of international scope. Experts from all around the world will be gathering at the Cité des Congrès International Conference Centre in Nantes for the Human Sea − Marisk Symposium. Over the course of two days, professionals, researchers and figures from the world of education and training will be raising and discussing the issues relating to blue growth, with the aim of producing concrete solutions that are applicable in the short term.

Nantes and its estuarine environment possess a real centre of maritime and port-related excellence, combining research, education and training, and professionals from the maritime and port sector. That combination of players places Nantes at the leading edge in this domain. The whole local community has come together once more to host the Human Sea − Marisk Symposium at the Cité des Congrès International Conference Centre. The management of security, the protection of offshore wind farms and IT security for ports, ships and offshore platforms will be among the issues at the heart of this 5th edition.

6 Conferences and Panels

Over 30 experts from 11 different countries have confirmed that they will be attending. They include among others Annette Gebauer, PhD, Senior Expert for Interventions for Corporate Learning (Berlin, Germany), Chris Trelawny, Special Adviser to the International Maritime Organization, Christophe Claramunt, Professor at the French Naval Academy Research Institute, and Benoît Journé, Professor at Nantes University. The programme takes into account the latest scientific and technological advances in the maritime and port sector, in order to offer researchers, industrialists and institutional representatives the opportunity over the course of two days to compare notes and to define new collaborations.

The two-day Symposium will feature several conferences. The topics of discussion will notably include high-reliability organizations at sea. Dimitrios Dalaklis, Assistant Professor of Maritime Safety and Environmental Administration at the World Maritime University (Malmö, Sweden), will be presenting his work at the conference on "Protecting the Arctic Environment: Challenges and Opportunities for Liquefied Natural Gas".

The Human Sea – Marisk programme will also include panel discussions, notably dedicated to the specific theme of marine renewable energy: "How are Offshore Wind Farms to be Protected?" Various experts, including Pierre Léonidas, Independent Legal Consultant – Offshore Projects (La Rochelle, France), are invited to discuss the "Issues of Legal Regulation for Multi-Purpose Offshore Platforms".

Several contributors from companies such as Total, Bourbon Offshore Surf, Valemo, Brasca Ltd (Norway), Tecnitas and Cabinet BESSÉ will be present. Representatives of the Ports of Djibouti and Antwerp will be sharing their experience. Arnaud LEROY, Deputy of the French National Assembly, will close the two-day-long Symposium.

Eight students, PhD candidates and new holders of Doctorates from renowned universities and educational institutions are also invited to present their research. Maritime safety, professional training for merchant navy officers and globalization and organization on merchant ships are among the subjects that will be discussed at the Junior Conference.

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