Container Weighing in Place at TGO

As of 1st July, weighing containers becomes compulsory at all ports. At Montoir de Bretagne, terminal operator Great Western Terminal (TGO) has anticipated the change in regulations in order to be all set.

In the face of the many incidents caused by false declarations regarding the weight of containers, in 2014 the International Maritime Organization (IMO) adopted an amendment to the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) in order to provide a response to this problem. The amendment, which comes into force on 1st July, renders compulsory the weighing of each container prior to the start of loading, so as to permit the ship planner to draw up a loading plan that takes into account the actual weight of the containers.

The new rules require that the verified gross mass (VGM) of each container packed for export be checked before it is loaded on board ship. It is the shipper’s responsibility to communicate the VGM of the loaded container to the shipping line and to the port terminal operator.

The Solutions at TGO

At Montoir de Bretagne, container terminal operator Great Western Terminal (TGO) wishes to guarantee maximum flexibility for importers, exporters, forwarding agents, among others, and to make the VGM easier to determine by proposing a method that is certified by the French National Laboratory for Metrology and Testing (LNE). The aims are to reduce unnecessary journeys and the amount of time lost, to communicate, share and store information with participating operators, to maintain a back-up solution for operators inside the terminal and to deliver a competitive service offer.

In this way, the shipowners, shippers or forwarding agents who sign an agreement with TGO will be able to have their containers weighed at the terminal and will receive the VGM accompanied automatically by a weigh ticket in dematerialized form.

A Weighing Agreement

Containers without a VGM will be accepted at the entrance to the terminal and can only be loaded on board ship if the following conditions are met:

Case number 1: TGO receives the VGM 48 hours prior to loading: the container will be loaded without the weighing service being invoiced;

Case number 2: TGO does not receive the VGM 48 hours prior to loading.
Those containers without a VGM being systematically weighed at the entrance to the terminal, TGO will use the VGM determined by its weighbridges if a weighing agreement has been signed beforehand with TGO (the dematerialized agreement is available at TGO will then be able to load the container and will invoice the weighing service.

If these conditions are not met, it will not be possible to load the container on board ship.

Contact at Terminal du Grand Ouest – Benoît Klein

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