A Sustained Level of Activity at the Saint Nazaire Docks

In December, the Joubert sluice dock received the Dutch dredger Fernao de Magalheas for a two-month-long maintenance operation, then two Mistral-type projection and command vessels for a careening operation prior to their sale to Egypt.

Dock N° 1 at the Penhoët dock basin received the sand carrier Saint-Germain in December 2015, followed by the research vessel Langevin and the floating dock in January, then the Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port dredger Milouin and the floating dock in February. Dock N° 2 for its part was occupied in January by the sailing ship Belém, then by two tugboats of the Boluda Company and the navigational aids tender Atlantique. The Zortürk, which has been in Dock N° 3 since November 2014, is to be dismantled, thereby freeing up additional space. This dock will then finally be able to resume its ship repair activities.

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