TGO Great Western Terminal Launches EasyGate>

EasyGateTGO Great Western Terminal is breaking new ground with the creation of EasyGate>, a collaborative platform that offers added-value services to customers and transport partners of the Montoir de Bretagne container terminal.

Anxious to improve the quality of service provision on a daily basis, TGO wanted to make available real-time information to its customers and partners, through the use of the latest digital technology.

This free application is intended for companies that are in contact with the container terminal. The purpose of the tool is to speed the flows of containers transiting the Montoir de Bretagne terminal, by informing road haulage firms as to the precise availability of containers waiting at the terminal.

A first version of the collaborative platform becomes available on 1st April 2016. Designed to serve professionals at the Nantes − Saint Nazaire port facilities, the tool will be regularly upgraded via the addition of new, innovative functionalities. New versions are planned before the summer of 2016, notably customized early warning systems which will permit road hauliers to be advised by SMS or by e-mail regarding the evolving status of the containers waiting at the terminal. An appointment scheduling system is also being studied, with a view to facilitating access to the TGO terminal facility. Working parties bringing together key players in the maritime container shipping sector have been formed. These groups are actively participating in the development of the new tool.

The platform can be accessed HERE

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