2015: A Year of Contrasts

The total traffic volume at Nantes – Saint Nazaire Port stands at 25.3 million tonnes for 2015. The year is marked by the strong growth in grain and cereals traffic (+ 29.3 %) and in animal feedstuffs traffic (+ 15.6 %). These developments contrast with the decrease in energy-related traffic (- 8 %).

The port-based agri-foodstuffs sector saw a real progression. Grain and cereals reached a record level: 1.9 million tonnes (MT) transited the Roche Maurice, Montoir de Bretagne and Saint Nazaire silos.

In spite of the difficulties encountered by French farming professionals, dry bulk products used to manufacture animal feedstuffs (2.1 MT) progress by 15.6 %.

Ro-ro traffic records a 40 % fall, mainly resulting from the September 2014 discontinuation of the service between Gijón and Montoir de Bretagne. Container traffic amounts to 182 000 TEUs, which represents a small increase compared to 2014 (+ 2.4 %).

The eight-week-long planned shutdown of Total’s Donges refinery with a view to optimizing the production units noticeably affected crude oil imports (- 11.1 %), which amount to 7.6 MT. Refined hydrocarbon throughput is slightly higher (+ 2.1 %), with imports making up in part for the decreased production at the refinery.

Coal traffic also fell significantly (- 33.6 %) as a result of the work to upgrade the EDF thermal power station at Cordemais, work which began in the autumn of 2014 and is set to last two years.

The volume of liquefied natural gas traffic amounts to 1.1 MT, representing a 14.1 % decrease compared to the 2014 figure, which was itself an historic low.

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