Airbus Announces Greater Focus on Maritime Logistics

From October 2017 to September 2020, the aircraft manufacturer is replacing the air transport solution between Saint Nazaire and Hamburg for its major aeronautical components by a sea-based transport solution. The new Beluga XL aircraft will resume its rotations from 2020 onwards, making some sixty flights per week between Toulouse, Saint Nazaire and Hamburg.

The increase in aeronautical production has direct impacts on the Company’s logistics. The daily links provided by the Beluga large-capacity transport aircraft will soon not be sufficient to cope with the growth in orders. Airbus has therefore decided to add to the existing number of maritime rotations: from 3 or 4 monthly voyages, the service will be increased to 2 rotations per week.

The two vessels that will be operating this service are the Ville de Bordeaux and the City of Hamburg. The former vessel is already used in the Mediterranean, on the Mediterranean Milk Run service, and the latter on the Baltic Sea route.

The two vessels will be carrying components of the A350, of the single-aisle A320/A321 models and of the long-range A330/A340 aircraft, which are assembled in Germany and in France. These aircraft components will complete the consignments of A380 parts.

Named "North Milk Run", the new shipping service will complement the Mediterranean Milk Run service, which is the equivalent service on the Mediterranean route, and a twice monthly service to Great Britain.

Contact at Nantes – Saint Nazaire Port:– Virginie Dias

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