International Connecting Day in Nantes

On 2nd October, Nantes – Saint Nazaire Port and the Nantes Port Maritime Union (UMNP) will be present together for the third time on the same stand at the 6th edition of International Connecting Day. Organized by the Nantes – Saint Nazaire Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the day-long event gives the Region’s companies the chance to meet up with international trade experts.

Meetings with experts, technical workshops, country-by-country exhibits, sectorial operations… the programme devised by ICD offers corporate executives operational solutions to quicken the pace of their international development and to optimize their approaches. The previous edition held in October 2013 attracted 1 200 company directors and managers and 70 experts.
Contact at UMNP: Patrick Le Doré
Contact at Nantes – Saint Nazaire Port: Maryse Gérard

Interactive Map