Nantes – Saint Nazaire Port’s Trade Representative Pursues his Mission in China

In July 2013, Kévin Ransbotyn joined the Nantes – Saint Nazaire Port sales team on an International Volunteers in Business contract. Kévin is based in Qingdao, in the Province of Shandong in North-Eastern China. He is charged with promoting Nantes – Saint Nazaire Port in China and with furthering relations with the Port of Qingdao.

Kévin Ransbotyn made the move to China just one year ago. He is an International Volunteer in Business, working on behalf of Nantes – Saint Nazaire Port. Managed by Ubifrance, this programme enables French corporations to give professional assignments abroad to young people up to 28 years in age. The Pays de la Loire Region, which supported this deployment for the first year, has a representative office in Qingdao, at which Kévin Ransbotyn is based.

Mission extended for one more year

His mission out in China is to promote Nantes – Saint Nazaire Port through a variety of actions such as participation in major trade shows like the CILF Trade Show in Shenzhen or the organization of a Nantes – Saint Nazaire Port symposium; he has already made contact with nearly 1 400 prospects.

He is also tasked with supporting economic and commercial development with shipping lines and logistics professionals, in order to grow traffic volumes with China and to attract Chinese investments. Lastly, Kévin assists Loire Estuary firms with their development in China, in coordination with the regional representative office.

Kévin’s Ubifrance mission is being extended for one more year. This will allow him to pursue the actions undertaken with shipowners, freight forwarders and logistical service providers as well as institutional partners such as agencies of Central Government, port authorities, federations and chambers of commerce. Over the coming months, he will be continuing with his different missions in the container, forest products, agri-foodstuffs, ro-ro and breakbulk sectors for Nantes – Saint Nazaire Port.

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