1st Transhipment of LNG at the Montoir de Bretagne LNG Terminal

Operating out of the Company’s liquefied natural gas terminal at Montoir de Bretagne, Elengy and Nantes - Saint Nazaire Port carried out their first LNG transhipment operation on 7th August. The 177 000 m3 capacity LNG carrier Ben Badis delivered a consignment of LNG to the126 000 m3 capacity LNG carrier LNG Gemini during a port call completed in 48 hours. This operation conducted between two large-capacity LNG carriers represents a world first.

The transhipment service offered since July is made possible thanks notably to the LNG terminal’s infrastructures (two piers, a connection between the piers via articulated transfer arms), to the conditions of nautical access maintained by Nantes - Saint Nazaire Port and to the high level of in-port service provision (vessel piloting, tugging, inshore piloting services).

This new type of service enables Montoir de Bretagne to occupy a strategic position in the natural gas market in Europe and to look to attract new traffic, such as future consignments from the Artic, where production is expected to begin in 2017.

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