The new C4 Picasso MPVs arrive at Montoir

Made exclusively at the Vigo facility, the PSA Group’s largest manufacturing plant, the new C4 Picasso MPVs arrive at the terminal in batches of 500 to 900 units. The vehicles are unloaded from the ro-ro vessel Suar Vigo twice a week, then stored in the Gefco parking areas before being supplied to the Region’s dealerships. The deliveries are supplemented by a certain number of individual calls, operated notably by the Autorunner and the Autopremier.

Since the start of the year, the service between Montoir de Bretagne and Vigo has been operated by the Spanish shipping line Suardiaz, the original operator of the service. Since mid-May, 3 180 C4 Picasso MPVs have arrived at the Montoir de Bretagne ro-ro terminal.

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