Record Consignment for GDE at Montoir

Calling at Montoir de Bretagne’s TGO Great Western Terminal mid-April, the bulk carrier Ikaria Angel took on board nearly 31 000 tonnes of scrap metal. Shipped on behalf of Guy Dauphin Environnement (GDE), the consignment was bound for Turkey.

Beating its previous record set in April 2012 (25 000 tonnes), for this call GDE entrusted the handling operations for the different types of scrap metal composing the consignment to TGO, at the upriver berth of its Montoir de Bretagne terminal.

Bound for the Eastern Mediterranean
Turkey is the main destination for consignments of scrap metal from European Union countries, accounting for over 50 % of such cargo. The port of arrival is the Eastern Mediterranean Port of Iskenderun, close to the Syrian border, where some electric arc furnace steel plants are located.

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