A New SHELL Facility at LBC

On 19th and 20th March, SHELL inaugurated new bitumen depot at the LBC terminal in Saint Herblain, which lies within the Nantes port area.

On behalf of SHELL, LBC Tank Terminals have invested at their Saint Herblain depot, located to the rear of the Quai Emile Cormerais quay, by building three 4 000 m3 tanks, two Babcock boilers, two weighbridges and four road tanker loading stations.

100 000 Tonnes a Year
The first vessel arrived from Rotterdam in January and the depot became operational as of 4th February. Since that date, the traffic levels have grown steadily. The bitumen arrives in consignments of around 5 000 tonnes by coaster from SHELL’s Pernis Refinery at the Port of Rotterdam. The annual traffic volume could attain 100 000 tonnes. "As part of a long-term expansion, SHELL intends to develop all of its installations in France, whether in Nantes, Marseille or Bayonne, where there are plans for an additional 14 000 m3", announce Nicolas Lunot, France and Benelux Regional Director with SHELL Bitumens.

A Distribution Platform for LBC
The fully automated facility is capable of unloading a vessel’s cargo in 10 hours and of loading a dozen road tankers in 60 minutes. It will thus be possible for LBC Tank Terminals to process 32 000 tonnes. The new 12 000 m3 installation adds to the Company’s existing storage capacity, which now amounts to 42 765 m3. ISO 9001 and HACCP accredited, LBC Nantes Terminals focus on liquid products and already store caustic soda, molasses, sulphuric acid, fertilizers and lubricants. In the view of LBC Tank Terminals, a global player specializing in liquid chemicals and petroleum products, the Port of Nantes – Saint Nazaire is ideally placed to act as a distribution platform for the whole of North-Western France, whether by rail or by road.

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