A second maritime motorway

On 15th February, the Spanish and French Governments approved the plans for a second maritime motorway between the two countries. The new motorway would connect Montoir de Bretagne and Vigo, in North-Western Spain, and could be opened in a year’s time. The project is now entering its exploratory phase.

The Spanish shipping line Flota Suardiaz, an operator specializing in ro-ro transport, has chosen to take over the project for a second maritime motorway following upon the first such service already linking Montoir de Bretagne and Gijón since 2008. The Franco-Spanish Intergovernmental Commission has given the project the go-ahead. The operator has therefore decided to institute a study and to elaborate a business plan, so as to seek confirmation as to the project’s economic value.

A second vessel

At the start of the year, Flota Suardiaz took over the running of the service which has existed between Montoir de Bretagne and Vigo since 1970 and conveys consignments of PSA Group vehicles at the rate of two rotations per week. The shipping line could thereby adapt and modify the initial plans for a maritime motorway by adding a second ro-ro vessel to the rotation while limiting its operations to the first two ports. The extensions to Le Havre and to Algeciras could supplement the offer at a later date.

Several stages still have to be completed these include obtaining final project approval from the Intergovernmental Commission.

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