Suardiaz Returns to Montoir

As of 2nd January, the Spanish shipping line Flota Suardiaz has taken over the rotations between Montoir de Bretagne and Vigo for a period of three years. Following the Company’s successful bid in response to the request for tenders by GEFCO, the logistics provider for the PSA Group, the « original » operator of the Port’s longest-established shipping service, which first began back in 1974, is making a return to the Lower Loire after a 7-year absence.

Offering two calls a week at the Montoir de Bretagne ro-ro terminal, on Tuesdays and Saturdays, the ro-ro vessel Suar Vigo has a modulable capacity of 110 trailers and 250 cars loaded simultaneously (or 1 400 light vehicles if only cars are carried) and mainly transports GEFCO road haulage trailers and new cars made at the PSA plant in Vigo. The shipping line is currently working on the possible opening of a second Franco-Spanish maritime motorway. At Montoir, the Somaloir Company represents the shipping line and provides cargo handling services via its subsidiary MANOCEAN/MSO.

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