Rubble from a Deconstruction Project Evacuated by Inland Waterway

And what if transportation by inland waterway became common practice for urban worksite logistics? That is, in any case, the solution chosen by Nantes Metropolitan District Council and the CHARIER Company for the transportation and evacuation of the rubble from the deconstruction work on the multi-storey parking facilities of the Renault garage and on a building belonging to the Misery quarry company, located in the Bas-Chantenay District.

This inland waterway solution is the product of a collaboration between Nantes Metropolitan District Council, the CHARIER Company, Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port and port-based logistics professionals. In this way, at the start of September the FlexiLoire service operated by Compagnie Ligérienne de Transport (CLT) was used to transfer rubble to the Cheviré port facility. The materials were first crushed, prior to loading aboard the barge Pacifique at the Quai Saint-Louis quay. Once the barge had arrived at the other bank of the River Loire, the materials were then handled by Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port subsidiary company Nantes Port Terminal and cargo handling company Nantes Manutention.

Three inland waterway convoys were required in order to evacuate 6 000 tonnes of rubble, the equivalent of 240 truckloads. The rubble will be re-utilized on site, for groundwork operations ahead of future business locations.

Launched over a year ago, FlexiLoire is a multi-sector, multi-site transport service which meets the requirements of different businesses. The operator is able to deploy on the FlexiLoire service barges suited to carrying heavy-lift cargo (with a capacity of 1 800 tonnes), containers (up to 176 TEUs) and dry bulk cargo (capacity: 3 600 m3).

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