The New Board of the Nantes − Saint Nazaire Section

The new Board of the Nantes − Saint Nazaire Section of the Propeller Club was installed on 24th January. The Board has seven members: Pascal Fréneau, Chairman, Stéphane Pousset, Vice-Chairman, Kamal Al Azemmouri, Treasurer, Bertrand Joly, Secretary, Lénaick Le Faou, Annick Scott and François Jouannet.

The Propeller Club is an organization which came into being in the USA in 1922, and which has 8 000 members worldwide. Its stated aims are:
. to promote and to support merchant shipping, shipbuilding and all the secondary and tertiary sectors that are directly or indirectly linked to maritime activities and specialisms;
. to promote and to support the development and upgrading of inland waterways and inland waterway traffic, as well as research and greater collaboration between leading figures in the inland waterway sector, the major seaport authorities and maritime associations;
. to promote and to develop the spirit of friendship, in the search for common objectives shared by all its members;
. to foster the development of international trade and exchanges with other nations.

The Loire Estuary section of the Propeller Club was established in 1984. Today it has a 60-strong membership, comprising representatives of shipping lines, industrial sectors such as shipbuilding and the nautical industry, logistics providers and port firms, banks and insurance companies, law firms, maritime authorities, experts, and so on. Meetings are scheduled each month to discuss maritime and port-related issues.

The new Board of the Nantes − Saint Nazaire Propeller Club was installed on 24th January 2019, for a two-year term. It brings together a complementary set of skills:
. Pascal Fréneau, General Secretary and Member of the Management Board of the Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port Authority;
. Stéphane Pousset, Chairman of the Loire Piloting Organization;
. Kamal Al Azemmouri, General Secretary of Kersea;
. Bertrand Joly, Maritime Expert;
. Lénaïck Le Faou, Director of CLT Groupe Sogestran;
. Annick Scott, Economic Development Liaison;
. François Jouannet, Chairman of the Nantes Maritime Federation.

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