An Evening of Discussions with Sales Managers from the Transport Commission

For the second year running, Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port and TGO Great Western Terminal organized a "Beach Forwarding" operation especially for a thirty-strong group of sales managers from the Nantes, Montoir de Bretagne and Saint Nazaire Transport Commission. The evening event took place on 13th September at Saint-Marc-sur-Mer.
At the heart of dynamic interregional exchanges, Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port conducts actions that are designed to enable professionals to create added value and to give customers access to doorstep solutions which are optimized at minimal cost. The aim therefore is to share with port logistics players details of the projects which the Port is currently working on (relevance of these studies from a logistics, property development, connectivity, international operations viewpoint…). This approach also makes it possible to assist logistics professionals with regard to specific plans and requirements.

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