Nantes − Saint Nazaire’s New Port Promotion Identity

Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port, port professionals and Local and Regional Government are joining together around the "Be My Port – Nantes Donges Montoir Saint Nazaire" identity, the collective’s new brand for port promotion activities.

Nantes − Saint Nazaire’s port and regional community stakeholders committed to collectively promoting the attractiveness of the entire area and of the port community of Nantes − Saint Nazaire will henceforth be working under the "Be My Port – Nantes Donges Montoir Saint Nazaire" banner.

The collective − comprising Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port, Nantes Ports Maritime Union (UMNP), the Nantes − Saint Nazaire Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Pays de la Loire Regional Authority, Saint Nazaire Urban Area District Authority, Nantes Metropolitan District Council and Loire Atlantique Departmental Authority − is expressing a dual ambition: to develop new traffic areas around Nantes − Saint Nazaire’s priority sectors of activity (industry, agri-food, logistics…) and to strengthen the attractiveness of the Port of Nantes − Saint Nazaire for companies in Greater Western France, so that their international supply chain focus is on Nantes − Saint Nazaire. This initiative is led by PASCA (the Atlantic Supply Chain and Procurement Organization).

Federating and Promoting

For over a year now, the steering committee (Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port, UMNP, CCI and PASCA) has been working on how to deploy this new dynamic. "Be My Port" seeks to lead and to federate the port community under one banner and to reinforce existing commercial actions by carrying out its own collective actions: participation in trade shows in sectors of activity of structural importance to Nantes − Saint Nazaire, organization of promotional events aimed at businesses and shippers. Through the "Be My Port" identity, the mission of the collective is also to develop the marketing tools that are necessary to ensure its visibility in the face of the competition.


The "Be My Port" identity expresses the will to set Nantes − Saint Nazaire apart from the other French and foreign ports. It can be interpreted in two ways: "Be My Port" appeals to the Port’s potential customers and encourages them to use its infrastructures and its services. The name also expresses the ambition to integrate the Port’s users and customers in the Port’s development.
The baseline completes the brand, by incorporating Montoir and Donges, the Port’s strongholds in terms of logistics, industry and energy, it is made clear that this is a regional community offer.

Les acteurs portuaires et territoriaux de Nantes Saint-Nazaire engagés pour promouvoir collectivement l'attractivité du territoire et de la place portuaire de Nantes Saint-Nazaire œuvreront désormais sous la bannière Be My Port – Nantes Donges Montoir Saint-Nazaire.

Le collectif - composé de Nantes Saint-Nazaire Port, l'Union Maritime Nantes Ports (UMNP), la Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Nantes Saint-Nazaire, la Région des Pays de la Loire, Saint-Nazaire Agglomération – la CARENE, Nantes Métropole et le Département de Loire-Atlantique - affirme une double ambition : développer de nouveaux trafics autour des filières prioritaires du territoire (industrie, agroalimentaire, logistique,…) et renforcer l'attractivité de la place portuaire auprès des entreprises du grand Ouest afin qu'elles privilégient le port de Nantes Saint-Nazaire dans leur chaîne logistique internationale. Cette démarche est animée par le Pôle Achats Supply Chain Atlantique (PASCA).

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