Land Bridge

Link between two sections of shipping routes, together taking less time and/or being less expensive than a single journey by sea.

Landing Stage

A fixed or floating platform permitting vessels to berth or to dock on rivers or estuaries that are subject to tidal movements; a landing stage is essentially a floating facility designed to be able to handle the variations in water level (the tidal range).


Period agreed upon by the parties during which the shipowner makes his vessel available for loading and unloading, against payment of the agreed freight.

LCL (Less Than Container Load)

Goods that have a lower weight or volume than a full container load and are to be containerized. Consolidators specializing in container stuffing operations take care of the containerization of the cargo.


Lease agreement; more commonly: hire purchase agreement.


Liner service vessel.

Liner Service Vessel

Cargo ship used to provide scheduled services to a given geographical sector and most often operated under a maritime conference.

Liner Terms

Conditions for liner services, as opposed to the "free in and out" clause, where loading on board and unloading are not included in the freight.

Lloyd’s Register

British society for the classification of vessels.

LNG Carrier

Vessel transporting liquefied natural gas.

LO/LO (Lift-On/Lift-Off)

Vertical loading method, by conventional crane or gantry crane: vertical handling.

Lock Chamber

A dock basin delimited by side walls and gates.

Lock Gangway

Upstream and downstream of the lock, the holding gangway and the guiding gangway facilitate manoeuvres by vessels arriving at low speed, permitting them to slide over a beam.

Long Ton

1 long ton equals 1.0160 metric tonnes; 1 metric tonne equals 0.9842 long tons.